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Networking Lunch n’ Learn with Dale Carnegie—Regent University | Schools

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Networking Lunch n’ Learn with Dale Carnegie—Regent University

Students and community members gathered in Regent University’s, Ordinary, to take part in a training class that teaches the fundamentals of networking.

The event held January 26, 2011, was one of many training sessions named after the late Dale Carnegie. Carnegie’s focus was on the ability to give insight on effective communication. Speaker of the hour, Paul Ariola, carried out Carnegie’s plan of effective communication, as he started the session by asking audience members to state their name, and interesting information about themselves.

 “Do you wish that you could remember someone’s name?” he asked. Ariola proceeded with three important ways one can remember a person’s name.

“Stop, look, listen; get a physical impression of that person; repeat the name of that person once or twice during the course of the conversation; and create a picture that reminds you of that person,” he said.

“Stating your name to a new person, and remembering the other person’s name is the link to networking,” Ariola explained.

In addition to Ariola's reference to names, there are essential steps in achieving successful networking, according to Ariola’s networking fundamentals.

These fundamentals should be carried out when attending events, such as job fairs:

  • “Networking and selling don’t mix. The purpose is getting to know the person and their name. You are not going there to look for a job application.”
  • “You should know who is coming to the job fair. Be prepared, so you can ask questions related to the job. This builds up confidence.”
  • “Wear a name tag.”
  • “Be a host not a guest—don’t stand in the corner, get out, and meet people.” People will not approach you if you are unapproachable.”
  • “Get rid of time wasters. These are people who have talked to you for a long period of time. Simply say you have to attend to other business and move on to meeting  the next person.”
  • “Pass out business cards, resumes, and make your business card stand out from the crowd. An example would be to put marketing information on the back of the business card.”
  • “Get to the job fair at least fifteen minutes early and stay late. Meet as many people as you can.”
  • “Know who is coming, so you can plan to meet them.”
  • “Ask the question, and get information from the organization that you are interested in. Not vice-versa.”

Ariola concluded the event with a technique that will lead to successful networking, called—“linking/stacking.” 

This is a process in which one imagines a picture and makes it relatable to the person they are networking with. An example of this would be to take a name tag, and stack a house on top of it.

The name tag represents asking the person’s name, and the house represents asking that person where they are from.

In this day in age, the unemployed range from those who are transitioning from school to the workforce to those who have been laid off for a number of years.

Thus, making even entry level jobs that much more competitive. So in the words of Ariola, “It is important to network.”




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